Miss Nude Canada’s Shoes

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While struggling with the usual perplexities of youth (but thank the Molson family and their nanny, Mary Jane, for providing some relief)—and vagabonding all over the map in his turbulent twenties, Jeff Pearson saw a lot of Canada from many different angles—with a few calamitous side-trips to foreign lands along the way. What a thrilling, harrowing and laughable rollercoaster ride of life-affirming adventures followed by shit-storms, tranquility losing ground to depression and panic attacks and maximum intoxication bleeding into abstinence and introspection. It’s “On the Road” with David Sedaris riding shotgun with Jack Kerouac—on Canadian steroids.

From a young choir-boy’s onstage flub, humiliation and subsequent “dark side of the moon” initiation to battles between Keith Moon and Jesus to a brazen heist involving Miss Nude Canada and her shoes to an illegal attempt to make a crossing guard hut into a mini, indoor, reefing room, there’s above-average, intoxicated stupidity, of course—and occasionally the RCMP to mercifully put a stop to it all. Charlie Manson’s unstable, born-again cousin, Janet and the Great One Gretzky, L-Ron and the Scientologists, Jean-Claude—the Yukon’s sperm donator to aliens and pot-smoking gringo’s worst nightmare—Uzi-toting, Mexican Federali soldiers—all show up to make the party a lot livelier. Does riding a moose pique your curiosity? Perfect. Unique stories from the Canadian wilderness make their mandatory appearance.

From stoner, white water raft-guiding to a depressed, helicopter-smashing forest fire fighter to stroke-inducing and humbling work with the mentally-challenged to poetry recital for Downtown Eastside hobos to barely surviving a motorcycle crash as a severely confused insurance broker, come along for an eclectic, insightful, poignant and often hilarious ride right off of the rails and have a laugh and a shake of the head as you possibly recognize yourself in the mix—an average, humble Homo sapien just trying to get through and make sense of it all.