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A Memoir by Jeff Pearson

Sooner or later, everyone comes face to face with a fiasco—even the innocent, angelic types like Miss Nude Canada circa 1986. Generally speaking, fiascos, which thankfully come in many different forms, are events where the caca hits the fan; there’s failure, breakdown or catastrophe of some sort and everything just slithers off of the rails in a sickening, sideways fashion. Human idiocy, in all of its glorious manifestations, is often the fiasco’s prime catalyst with ego-squashing humiliation its necessary outcome. Fiasco-prone humans with an above-average surplus of caca-splattered fan-blades in their closets have many (sordid) tales to tell. Mr Pearson, the floor is all yours ….       

Strap yourself in tightly for a compelling and entertaining, emotional and geographical roller coaster ride of epic proportions as Mr. Pearson makes his way rather randomly through the labyrinth of young adulthood and beyond. With cheeky wit and a swashbuckler’s flourish with the language, the devil is alive and thriving in the details as candid confessions of either maximum intoxication levels or a cyclic battle with upper-chamber malfunctions, and the resulting adventures, some immensely comical and others deeply poignant or troubling, leave one reeling with disbelief. Many of the author’s stories are just plain, freaking crazy, setting up the reader wanting for the madness to never end. And the others will leave you stunned and bruised—or rubbing away tears with a finger. So step right up, gather your courage and try on Miss Nude Canada’s Shoes (And Other Fiascos). Yes, they will be soaked in beer—but a prediction: you’ll be so impressed as to how well they fit that you’ll never want to take them off!


Don’t let the title fool you. Although exotic dancing shoes and drug and alcohol fuelled fiascos play their part - often humorous or horrifying (which one, exactly, depends on the disposition of the reader) - Pearson’s memoir has depth and is peppered with heartwarming and occasionally heartbreaking tales.

Miss Nude Canada’s Shoes collects tales ranging from Pearson’s childhood in Small Town Canada in the seventies to adventures abroad as a young adult. The subject matter of the stories is as vast as their geography. From bullying and mental illness, to paranormal mysteries of the Universe, to harrowing international adventures and, closer to home, life or death paddles on the Yukon River. The result: a compelling, distinctly Canadiana read.

~ Jo-Anne Johnson

Miss Nude Canada's Shoes (And Other Fiascos) is a very entertaining autobiographical read. The book is a high flying rollercoaster ride detailed by the author on his personal life adventures travelling around the world. If you enjoyed reading Jon Krakauer's  "Into The Wild,"  then Miss Nude Canada's Shoes (And Other Fiascos) is a must read for you.

~ John Lehman